Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good marketing is stuck in your business, and it’s probably not what you think marketing is.

When someone hears marketing they think, well crafted
messages, logos, press releases, and advertising. They are
all a part of marketing, but what about your everyday
information? Things like your lunch specials of the day,
industry news, do-it-yourself information, an employee of the
month memo or a list of products that have price reductions.
All of these things tend to get posted in your business and
never make it to your website or the web. It's a shame
because this type of information can be more helpful than
most marketing. It's the type of information that people are
looking for everyday.
People are always looking for information to help them make
their lives easier, whether it's parenting, working, fun
seeking, purchasing, house work, etc. The simple information
that you produce and use everyday in your business, can be
re-purposed as marketing.
As marketing? Yes marketing! In fact this type of information
will probably do a better job in connecting you with the
right consumers on search engines and social media than most
other marketing. It will help you because it is real and
focused, not made to sound self-promoting. It contains just
enough text to convey the information without the extra
marketing speak. Good simple information, properly placed on
your website and the web, is a powerful online marketing tool.
Try it!
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