Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Put your web pages on a diet

If you surf the Web on a mobile connection or wireless, a lot of
the times you'll find yourself staring at a web page that doesn't
do anything and doesn't tell you what is going on either. The
waiting spinner is only hypnotizing you without saying a word
about how long until the web page is loaded.What is the reason we
develop such obese web pages? Why do we want to stuff everything
on a single page instead of slicing each piece of information
into a separate web page, that is easier to find and read?Keeping
these questions in your mind the next time you update your
website:- It is not about what you can add, it is about what we
can take away - Usefulness beats consistency across browsers -
Load only what is needed - Strong titles beat a possible future
additionSimply said put your website on a diet!

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  1. I partially agree with your post, if we put the pieces of contents on separate web pages, it will be chopping of article. One cannot express the contents in one shot. So I think, whole content for a particular discussion need to be on same web page. We can use separate web pages for separate topics.
    this article