Thursday, November 8, 2012

Avoid the whipping post, whoop the competition, not yourself!

Nowadays, search engines are rewarding those who publish content
regularly. Meaning, the more you publish, and the more relevant
your content is to your business, the higher your business will
rank with search engines. This is a very important piece to your
marketing puzzle.

Sometimes, publishing content after a long day (or many long
days) of work can feel like being strapped to the whipping post.
How many lashings until you're done? But, posting regularly
online is what will drive your business to the top of search
engines. Make it fun! You can publish anything. Post pictures of
a recent event. Post information about a new product or service.
Your customers like to know what you're doing and all consumers
like to learn of a new place to eat or purchase from, locally.
Technology is making this easier and easier for us.

Turn your whipping post into a posting post; a place where
publishing information about your business isn't painful. Create
enjoyment when promoting your business online. It does take some
time and effort, but it really works! These tactics will increase
your visibility and direct more consumers to your business.

Post content and whoop the competition, not yourself!

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