Thursday, November 15, 2012

Facebook Shmacebook

On top of all the things you do daily, you need to find time to
market your business and NOW you have to get on board with social
media. When will it stop? Unfortunately, it won't.

When a new social media platform comes out, it isn't apparent how
it will impact business. Facebook has blown us all away; it has
become a virtual representation of everything under the sun. Even
pets and stuffed animals have Facebook pages. So, why is Facebook
important to your business???

To properly market your business, you have to be visible where
people are. Observe the conventional methods... a billboard in
high-commuting areas, a radio ad during rush hour or a prime-time
television ad; you're making yourself visible to the most people
you can in a set period of time. The internet is no different!
Facebook recently hit one billion users.

You personally may not like or use Facebook, or other social
media, in general, yet think of it this way… one billion people
have access to what you do, who you are, where you do business,
and what you're all about. You may spend hundreds or thousands of
dollars in advertising where Facebook is free and can do the same

This is not about Facebook. It's about you and promoting your
business to the best of your ability.

Here's some useful info on how to get more likes on Facebook!

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