Friday, November 30, 2012

What character are you ... Bugs, Batman, Rango, Superman or YOU?

Last week I asked my colleagues to identify themselves with a
cartoon character and some of them obliged. It was very easy for
them to pick one. I think Bugs Bunny is the perfect character to
represent me because of his can-do attitude, snarkiness and big
smile. Nate is very well represented by Superman because he likes
taking on the big challenges. Valentin is represented by the
chameleon Rango because he can change to any color. And Kyle is
Batman, the strong silent crusader.

I know you have to adapt yourself for your customers. As I said
last week, some of them are white ships, others are black ships,
some of them are good, some of them are not as good as you

In your effort to keep all of your customers you might want to
consider one thing. DON'T ADAPT! BE YOURSELF! Let others find in
you a very strong character that appeals to them. People buy from
local businesses because of the "character" in them and running
them. They are buying from YOU.

Make your logo, your service, your product or your name one that
others want to be associated with. Make your business more about
you and your character!

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